Augmented Reality

Technology solution with sensing and artificial intelligence

Augmented Reality (AR) with sensing and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies

Sony’s AR solution enables immersive experiences, characterized by flexible and precise AR contents layout without spatial constraints. This solution allows users, through their mobile devices, to see overlaid AR contents on the physical environment.


A highly-immersive Augmented Reality (AR) technology solution for easy implementations and operations: Our service is a cloud-based VPS solution that works with mobile applications, and content management tools.

Flexibility in contents placement

Various 2D/3D contents can be laid out with high flexibility - for various use cases.

High positioning accuracy

Highly immersive AR experience with a precise positioning capability.

Fast response

Enabling smooth AR user experience.

Privacy considerations

During the position estimation process, no images but only extracted features are sent to the cloud, ensuring data privacy.

Simple and easy map data acquisition

Map can be acquired in a simple and easy manner with a generally-available 360-degree camera device.

Cross platform support

Supports iOS and Android handheld devices.

Tools and services for AR developers

By providing extensive development documentation and AR content switch out and placement adjustment functions through a resource management tool, we have increased the ease of implementation and operational convenience.

Developer documentation

Get up-to-date documentation to build your AR projects.


We provide SDK and related tools for development of applications for mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Content management tool

Using the resource management tool makes it possible to adjust and update AR content online without rebuilding the app.

Next step

We will provide information on the overall flow from order to launch of use by a partner company.

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02. Book a meeting

We will meet to discuss the use cases you have in mind, and provide specific information for your implementation.


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