Sony’s AITRIOS™ Platform wins Fast Company’s ‘Next Big Thing in Tech’ 2023

December 18th, 2023

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Hacobu, Inc.

Restar Electronics Corporation

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (Representative Director and CEO: Terushi Shimizu, hereinafter referred to as "SSS"), Hacobu, Inc. (Representative Director and CEO: Taro Sasaki, hereinafter referred to as "Hacobu"), and Restar Electronics Corporation (President: Hideya Yamaguchi, hereinafter referred to as "Restar") have developed a service that utilizes SSS’s AITRIOS edge AI technology to improve work efficiency in loading and unloading areas (berths) of logistics warehouses.

By automating data acquisition of usage records and work time, Hacobu was able to reduce the intensiveness workload for drivers in preparation for projected industry-wide challenges in 2024. The services were launched in November 2023.
The service automates the intake of usage records and length of time required for loading and unloading delivery trucks, helping to reduce unnecessary waiting time for drivers and optimizing the work time for warehouse employees. The solution was made possible with SSS's edge AI sensing platform, AITRIOS, which enables development and operation of edge AI and vision AI solutions. This was combined with with Hacobu's truck reservation service, "MOVO Berth," as well as an application developed by Rester that performs matching and identification of truck license plate recognition to give results and information via system integration.
The three companies jointly addressed challenges proposed by MITSUI-SOKO Supply Chain Solutions Co., Ltd. (MSCS), and after conducting a verification experiment at their Chiba site, and officially introduced the service to MSCS in November 2023.

Improving productivity in the logistics industry is an urgent issue as companies prepare for labor-related reforms, policies, and laws in fiscal year 2024. In the future, the three companies plan to expand their service to other shippers, logistics, and transportation companies to support efficient and sustainable logistics operations and fair working conditions across the industry.

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