An edge AI sensing platform that enables efficient development and implementation of sensing solutions utilizing edge and other devices


The edge for your enriching future

IoT has the power to change society for the better by connecting information from different types of physical devices in networks. But can we evolve IoT by using only cloud systems? The growing number of IoT devices using cloud systems creates multiple challenges today by increasing loads in six areas: vast amounts of data; privacy risks; latency in data transmission, processing, and analysis; high electric power consumption; service continuity; and security maintenance. To overcome these challenges, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (“SSS”) is introducing a new edge AI sensing platform called AITRIOS™.

The name “AITRIOS” consists of the platform keyword “AI” and “Trio S,” meaning, “three S’s.” Through AITRIOS, SSS aims to deliver the three S’s of “Solution,” “Social Value,” and “Sustainability” to the world.

Through this platform, SSS seeks to facilitate development of optimal systems, in which the edge and the cloud function in synergy, to support its partners in popularizing and expanding environmentally conscious sensing solutions using edge AI, and to deliver new value and help solve challenges faced by various industries.


Consolidates the essential parts of a development environment

Aitrios service diagram

AITRIOS is a one-stop B2B* (business to business) platform providing tools and environments that facilitate software and application development and system implementation.

AITRIOS integrates an AI model and application development environment, a marketplace, cloud-based services, and other items required for solution development into a powerful and flexible platform.

SSS, a leading company in image sensors, offers sensor configurations optimized for edge AI, enabling partners to build high-performance and reliable solutions.

*This service is not currently available to individual customers.


Our products and services

We provide an environment that allows various partners to focus on their own strengths and accelerate the development cycle for high-value-added use cases.

Using AITRIOS reduces the cost of the processes and operations leading up to solution provision, thereby enabling more efficient operations.

Verified devices

Verified devices

Together with our partners, we provide various devices compatible with AITRIOS services.

Development environments

Development environments

We provide a number of SDKs and tools to help AI developers, application developers, device manufacturers, module and system integrators, and other partners to optimize the development process.

Screen capture of Portal


Portal is a web application for entry point to AITRIOS service provision. Manage user registration, project applications, project member registration and role settings, and marketplace app purchases and billing details.

Screen capture of Console


Console is a web application that provides various functions for efficiently implementing solutions spanning edge and cloud, including deployment, retraining, device management.

AITRIOS also offers plans suitable for use in application development and demonstration experiments, so please see the developer site for details.


Providing optimal environments for our partners

AITRIOS accelerates digital transformation through co-creation with partners.

Picture of AI developer

AI developers

  1. Develop your AI models for scale
  2. Focus your own resources on AI development
  3. We have the monetization infrastructure
Picture of application developer

Application developers

  1. Provide services with your apps at scale
  2. Focus your own resources on application development
  3. We have the monetization infrastructure
Picture of device manufactures and module integrators

Device manufacturers

Module integrators

  1. Grow your business in new domains at scale
  2. Reduce your time to market
Picture of system integrators

System integrators

  1. Efficiently implement solutions utilizing edge devices
  2. Provide a one-stop service up to installation
  3. Cutting edge SSS sensor technology supports AITRIOS


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